Hospitals and clinics are expected to provide the best possible care for their patients. And nurses, among the most visible members of hospital staff, are always there to assist both patients and physicians with their needs. Often they also serve as the link between patients and doctors, taking responsibility for much of the routine care before and during treatment. With the kind of work that nurses do, it comes as no surprise that a new study shows many of them suffer from stress and depression. But what’s worrying is that, according to the same study, nurses who suffer from depression are more likely to commit medical errors. The results of the study, led by Ohio State University (OSU) researchers, are published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.Based on a survey of nearly 1,800 nurses, the research team found that 54% reported poor mental and physical health, and a third said they were dealing with some degree of anxiety, stress or depression. Other interesting findings from the study include:- Nurses with poorer mental or physical health are between 26% and 71% more likely to commit medical errors compared to nurses in better health.

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