Patients are equipped with Bluetooth-enabled tablets that record biometrics information. Patients have been equipped with 4G-enabled tablet devices provided by Health Recovery Solutions (HRS), which as well as additional Bluetooth-enabled devices that give patients the ability to record biometrics like their heart rate, weight and blood pressure.The non-profit also recently expanded its telehealth services through a partnership with Northwest Ohio Accountable Care Organization, and Ohio Living claimed 80 percent of patients enrolled would recommend the program to a family member or friend.Not only has the telehealth program helped improve patient adherence to health plans, but overall adherence to the telehealth program itself stands at 80 percent.In addition, Ohio Living said more than three-quarters of enrolled patients said they agree the telehealth program has given them the opportunity to be more involved in their own care.The information collected through the telehealth applications and associated Bluetooth accessory devices is uploaded to the clinician’s dashboard enabling them to monitor patient vitals.

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