More than 90 percent of non-federal acute care hospitals are using 2015 edition certified technology or plan to be soon, says National Coordinator Don Rucker, MD. Those numbers were cited by National Coordinator for Health Information Technology Donald Rucker, MD, in a blog post, co-authored with ONC Director of Research and Evaluation Talisha Searcy, spotlighting the progress U.S. hospitals have made with regard to their IT and interoperability maturity levels.Nearly a decade since the HITECH Act was signed into law, basic technology is table stakes. Non-federal acute care hospitals are nearly unanimous by now in having at least some certified IT installed.What’s encouraging about the new numbers, he said, is that hospitals have upped their games since the rollout of ONC’s 2015 Edition Health IT Certification Criteria, which called for significantly more advanced technical functionalities notable, application programming interfaces compared with the previous edition.Today, about 93 percent acute care hospitals have upgraded to 2015 Edition technology or plan to upgrade soon, according to the AHA data highlighted by ONC.

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