CHICAGO (September 22, 2017) Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) has dramatically improved patient engagement by encouraging patients to take charge of their health with their personal patient portal, MyLVHN.Prior to the implementation of the patient portal, LVHN observed extremely low enrollment and engagement rates among patients. In efforts to improve these rates, the organization set a goal to leverage patient portals to improve engagement between providers and patients across the health network.In the first year of its implementation, 100,000 patients registered a MyLVHN portal to stay connected with their doctors and medical records, both in and out of their physicians office. Throughout the following year of the portals implementation, registration numbers nearly doubled.Embracing the various functions offered by MyLVHN has allowed patients to complete pre-visit questionnaires before an appointment, submit prescription refill and medical advice requests, and even access test results immediately, rather than anxiously awaiting a phone call. The patient portal has also made possible eVisits and video visits for patients who find digital visits work better for their schedule and health situation, an option decreasing no-show rates for self-scheduled appointments.

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