Clinical handover is the transfer of professional responsibility and accountability for some or all aspects of a patients care to another person or team, either on a temporary or permanent basis. With the decrease in hours worked in modern medical practice, the number of handovers performed has increased proportionally. This has raised concerns about continuity of care and the potential for patient safety to be compromised.Ineffective clinical handover has been shown to increase the risk of preventable adverse events, length of stay and rate of complications. Of note, communication has been found to be a key cause of adverse events (66 percent of cases) attributable to handovers. Digital technology has the potential to improve clinical handover. “In our centre, an electronic clinical handover pilot proved both effective and acceptable to physicians,” according to Dr. John Joseph (JJ) Coughlan, Department of Cardiology, University Hospital Limerick, Ireland. “Improved clinical handover could potentially decrease the rate of adverse events and improve patient care.”

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