In healthcare, tech innovation often happens behind the scenes. But, for the innovative Phoenix Childrens Hospital, an initiative to introduce a tablet to every patient room became a very visible project that quickly skyrocketed both patient and clinician satisfaction.The project placed 400 Apple iPads in patient rooms over the course of three years, thanks to funds from the James M. Cox Foundation. It has been wildly successful in easing hospital stays for children, their families and even the day-to-day for hospital staff.Were really reconnecting the patient back to the electronic consciousness that they have both inside the hospital all the lab results and all the medical information but were connecting them back to their social environment, says David Higginson, executive vice president and CIO at Phoenix Childrens Hospital. He noted that, these days, social media is a key component of a childs life, and taking away a connection to the internet can often make a stay just that much more difficult. When youre in a hospital with a difficult disease, often having that connection back to your social environment is really, really important, he adds.

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