Respondents to new research indicated that major EHR vendors are not capable of precision medicine work. KLAS on Thursday published a report that found healthcare providers are skeptical about the role electronic health records will play within precision medicine initiatives.WHY IT MATTERSThe idea that EHRs will not be the platform of choice for precision medicine is not new.Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center CIO Dr. John Halamka said as much back in October of last year at the HIMSS Big Data and Healthcare Analytics Forum in Boston.”Do I really believe that the next precision medicine breakthrough is coming within an EHR? No,” Halamka said at the time. “It will come from third-parties twenty-six-year-olds working in their garage to link innovations to EHRs using FHIR APIs.”The KLAS research, in fact, found that only 8 percent of respondents see EHR products taking a leadership role.Forty-four percent said they think EHRs will play a peripheral or supportive role, while 20 percent said EHRs will be a central but non-leadership role and 28 percent answered that the software will have limited or no role in precision medicine programs.

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