Wearable fitness trackers are here to stay, and so is the data they generate. In fact, 27 percent of consumers already use fitness wearables, according to data by Morning Consult. But its not just consumers that want to peek into the stats generated by these devices: A new survey by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) and sponsored by Fitbit shows that many healthcare professionals want to make use of that patient generated health data order to improve patient care.According to the report, 79 percent of the 101 respondents a mix of clinicians, healthcare IT and business professionals noted they would like to have more information about patients between office visits, a gap that wearable data can fill. Meanwhile, 72 percent reported that they need PGHD in order to make good decisions on chronic disease management.Its encouraging news, said John Sharpe, senior manager of the Personal Connected Health Alliance at HIMSS, in the report. We are learning to trust the data. Furthermore, were learning how to make actual wearables and activity monitors more effective tools in both preventing disease and managing chronic disease.

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