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August 27, 2018

Bill Donovan, Correspondent

GALLUP — _he r_ad t_ re___ery fr_m al__h_lism may be thr_u_h a p_t_ _hat_s _hat _f__ials at the beha_i_ral health _enter f_r the _eh_b_th ___inley _hristian __spital ha_e been __r_in_ _n f_r m_re than a year — rest_rin_ self esteem am_n_ the many _h_ __me t_ the pr__ram f_r al__h_l abuse by tappin_ int_ their _ati_e artisti_ abilities_ _phelia _eeder_ dire_t_r _f the _enter_ said the de_isi_n t_ _reate the _ealin_ _ands _tudi_ _ame se_eral m_nths after the _enter _as re_pened in early _____ __t_s been _ery su__essful__ she said_ _ust h__ su__essful _an be seen by the fa_t that three _f the patients in the pr__ram _ame h_me earlier this m_nth _ith re__rds at the __th annual _nter! -_ribal _ndian _erem_nial_

Members win in art show

_a_id __ne___ ___ _f the h_spital_ said it _as dif__ult t_ _et pe_ple in the pr__ram t_ submit s_me e_amples _f their __r_ be_ause they didn_t thin_ it _as that ___d_ _hey _ere surprised t_ see it rated am_n_ the best that _as submitted in this year_s e_ent_ _e_en members _f the pr__ram_ all _f _h_m ha_e _raduated and are n__ _n the r_ad t_ re___ery_ submitted entries in this year_s e_ent_ _h_se _h_ _ame ba__ _ith a_ards in_luded La_ren_e _esselente _ __rman _hee and _risty Lunasee_ _esselente re_ei_ed a _rst pla_e ribb_n in the n_n-traditi_nal _ate__ry f_r ___rnmeal ___l_ handmade_ r___ p_lished and handpainted __rnmeal b__l _ith a red and bla__ _uni ___er desi_n_ _hee and Lunasee b_th __n se__nd pla_e ribb_ns_ _hee __n in the _erem_nial items _ate__ry in the _l! ass _f tribal arts f_r __erenity _____ a feather b__ _ith a _a! _a__ s_ene _f ____peli usin_ ___d_ stain and a_ryli_ paint_ Lunasee __n in the n_n-traditi_nal _ate__ry f_r p_ttery _ith an entry titled __eed P_t__ a n_n-traditi_nal handmade and r___ p_lished and hand-painted _lay p_t _ith _uni style desi_ns _f a hummin_bird and ___ers_

Coping through art

_merald _anner_ _h_ is the e_hibit hall mana_er at this year_s e_ent_ said a_ards _ere _i_en _ut f_r th_se __r_s that _ere _ud_es t_ be _ab__e the e_pe_ted le_el _f __r_manship and artistry_ f_r _raftspe_ple submittin_ entries_ _eeder said any_here fr_m __e _r __ indi_iduals sh__ up _n a daily basis t_ __r_ in the studi__ _ith s_me __r_in_ their _ay thr_u_h the pr__ram and _ther _raduates _h_ are usin_ their p_ttery s_ills t_ stay s_ber and ma_e m_ney_ _heir __r_s are bein_ s_ld _urrently thr_u_h a partnership _ith the __uth_est ! _ndian __undati_n _hi_h sells their __r_s thr_u_h their _atal__s_ __ne__ said the studi_ is n__ __r_in_ _n _reatin_ a _ebsite that __uld sell their __r_ in the future as _ell as the __r_s _f _thers in the pr__ram _h_ are usin_ _ther f_rms _f nati_e _rafts_ su_h as paintin_ and sil_ersmithin__ t_ earn m_ney t_ help their re___ery_ _he idea is t_ e_entually _reate a __-_p that __uld help fund the pr__ram as _ell as pr__ide members _ith m_ney f_r their art__r__ he said_

Norman Chee with his “Serenity Box,” in the Rehoboth McKinley Christian Healthcare Services Healing Hands Studio Wednesday in Gallup. Chee won in the ceremonial items category in the class of tribal arts for “Serenity Box,” at the _________________________________________

Alma E. Hernandez/Independent

_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Gallup.

Alma E. Hernandez/Independent

Lawrence Besselente in the Rehoboth McKinley Christian Healthcare Services Healing Hands Studio paints a traditional open dish Wednesday in Gallup. Besselente received _____________________________________________________________ in the class of pottery for “Cornmeal Bowl,” a handmade, rock polished and hand-painted cornmeal bowl with a red ____ ______ _____ _______ _______ _______ ____ _____ _____________ Indian Ceremonial.

Alma E. Hernandez/Independent

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