When Alexander Popowycz became CIO of Rockledge, Fla.-based Health First in 2015, many of the organizations IT systems lived in only one data center.The situation was untenable for the integrated system, which operates four hospitals in an area notorious for hurricanes. If an especially large storm took down a single data center, Health First risked losing access to a variety of critical applications and information.There were a number of systems that werent dual-sited, Popowycz says. They didnt have a backup environment at any other location.By the following year, however, as Hurricane Matthew moved toward Florida, Popowycz and his fellow hospital administrators stood ready to proactively shut down any noncritical systems and transfer crucial workloads to another site after introducing more redundancy into the IT environment. While the state ultimately avoided a direct hit from the storm, Popowycz was thankful for the upgrades.

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