The American Well-backed poll of 800 doctors found increased interest among medical specialities often affected by burnout. Adoption and interest in telehealth technology for patient consultations has increased substantially over the past few years, according to a new physician survey released by telehealth provider American Well.The survey, which was conducted by M3 Global Research, polled 800 US physicians in late 2018. Of these, 62.5 percent were primary care physicians and the remainder were specialists.According to the survey, telehealth adoption has increased more than three-fold over the past four years; while only five percent of physicians reported ever using the technology in 2015, 22 percent of the current surveys respondents said that they have experience with video visits. Among those who have used the technology, 93 percent said they believed that telehealth improved patients access to care and 77 percent said that it allows both parties to more efficiently use their time.Compared to a 57 percent rate recorded in 2015 survey, 69 percent of polled physicians said that they would be willing to use telehealth to conduct a video visit. Here, respondents cited increased access for patients, work-life balance flexibility and improved outcomes as primary reasons for their interest in the technology. When stratifying the physicians by their age, willingness to conduct a video visit was highest among those aged 35 to 44 years (77 percent), and lowest among those 55 years or older (60 percent).

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