At Health 2.0, experts and technologists explored tools for fighting physician suicide, opioid addiction, and eating disorders. Health 2.0s Fall Conference this week in Santa Clara, California served to highlight all the things technology can do, but it also took some time to highlight some of the biggest problems in healthcare technology alone cant solve. Opioid abuse, physician suicide, and eating disorders were three topics discussed during the Unacceptables panel, and while encouraging technology was shown off, the problems ultimately called for deeper systemic fixes.There is a movement to address the issue of physician suicide, Robin Symon, a documentarian who previewed her feature, Do No Harm, at the conference, said. There are a lot of wellness, resiliency programs. But it focuses on the individual. Its victim blaming. We have to remember that the problem is the system. Yes, we want our physicians to be more resilient because we have to function in our managed care system. But we have to remember that the system has to change.

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