NEW YORK, Nov. 14, 2018 PRNewswire — US Based, Chopraj Group Launches Imperativ, Inc., a New York City artificial intelligence healthcare company. This landmark announcement lays the foundation for an entirely new advanced data streaming category of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Healthcare. Imperativ’s foundational excellence, resides at the intersection of clinical intelligence and deep learning driven by the internet of medical things (IoMT), thereby enabling real-time decision making in healthcare.According to Dr. Gopal Chopra M.B.A., Neurosurgeon, and Imperativ’s CEO, “As a physician, Imperativ is personal. The indication(s) for intervention in our patients is getting ever complex and we are making acute decisions in a deluge of dynamic information. After observing this overwhelming complexity for my peers, it was time to develop a physician led cause to assist my fellow physicians and aid in the broader adoption by enabling data driven standardization. This unique artificial intelligence company, brings forth an entirely new ethos to healthcare information technology, more akin to AI in financial markets, global positioning, homeland security and other technologically advanced sectors. Imperativ’s data streaming AI platform was purposely designed by a handpicked group of clinical pioneers, extraordinary biomedical and clinical mathematicians, in conjunction with artificial intelligence giants from outside the healthcare domain. Our long-term vision is to seamlessly integrate and optimize the internet of medical things (IoMT). Unlike other healthcare artificial intelligence companies, we interpret the data, to enable individualized point-of-care decision making.””At Columbia, we continually strive to bring the latest and best-in-class technologies to further refine our clinical practice and to advance technology development. In line with this core mission, we are trying to envision the cathlab and cardiovascular department of the future. Imperativ’s physician centered, intelligent vision for understanding the streaming data and images we are interfacing with, is a critical component. With more complex procedures and imaging systems, the adoption of artificial intelligence to aid physicians and surgeons with both diagnosis and therapy guidance is a virtual certainty. We are at the cusp of the greatest positive trajectory in the history of interventional cardiology and the addition of Imperativ’s artificial intelligence engine integrates and delivers the critical patient data to the physician and will transform how we do what we are doing today and tomorrow,” Dr. Martin B. Leon, Director of the Center for Interventional Vascular Therapy at Columbia University Medical Center New York Presbyterian Hospital.

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