About 20 years ago, healthcare in the U.S. cost an average of $2,800 per person. Ten years later, that figure had shot up to $4,700 per person. Over the years, the cost of healthcare has risen as high as $10,345 per person.At a time when the perceived value of care had dropped, value-based reimbursement arrived. The days of siloed health systems, fragmented care management, and skyrocketing costs are numbered; only because value-based care is becoming a mainstay. There are several innovations on the block, amazing new ways of combining technology with care and a dream of a consolidated, unified healthcare a bright, optimistic outlook ahead.Value-Based Reimbursement In The Next Five YearsAsk the average American on the street what they think of healthcare in the next five years. The answers will range from ground-breaking innovations in curing cancer to drug-pricing solutions. However, a common answer everyone looks forward to is value-based reimbursement. The rising costs of care are a concern, the degrading quality of care cant be accepted, and value-based care seems to be the way out. According to a 2016 survey, 58 percent of payers are moving towards full value-based reimbursement, and 63 percent of hospitals were part of some ACO.

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