The Physicians Foundation, in association with six state medical societies, today announced the formation of the first of its kind interoperability fund, known as The Physicians Foundation Interoperability Fund, which will assist medical practices in effectively sharing clinical information with other physicians and hospitals through health information exchanges (HIE). Funding is available for physicians in participating states with an electronic health record system (EHR) and will be allocated to practices on a first come basis. Participating medical societies include the Connecticut State Medical Society, Medical Association of Georgia, Louisiana State Medical Society, the Missouri State Medical Association, Medical Society of New Jersey and the South Carolina Medical Association. The six state medical associations will collaborate on an innovative, physician-led program that will dramatically improve the sharing of clinical data and drive improvements in patient care, while supporting physician independence in the newly emerging health care environment. This program leverages the enormous potential represented by true EHR interoperability to improve quality and create value for medical practices. The program supports the physician-patient relationship while providing critical, timely clinical data that promotes quality health care, identification of health disparities, health care transparency and health care access to support patient care and physician-patient relationships. Our national survey of physicians tells us EHRs are the least satisfying part of physicians jobs, and oftentimes, a leading factor in burnout among Americas physicians, said Gary Price, M.D, president of The Physicians Foundation. The Physicians Foundation is proud to lead an initiative that will help alleviate unnecessary burdens on both physicians and patients. Through improved information sharing, The Physicians Foundation Interoperability Fund will further enable physicians to be their patients strongest advocate and partner in decision-making for their care. Sharing timely clinical patient information among physicians and hospitals with disparate EHRs relies upon a connection to an HIE. Through The Physicians Foundation Interoperability Fund, HIE participants can access patient data regardless of where the patient received care. Sharing of this timely information will improve clinical outcomes, reduce inefficiencies and improve patient safety when fully implemented.

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