The Medical Futurist collected the top 12 companies which are bringing blockchain to healthcare making health data and supply chains more secure. It would be a big surprise if the buzzword of the year award would not go to blockchain in 2018. Although the technology is indeed a game-changer, the craze and hype around it remind some experts of the dotcom bubble. As Reuters explained in its analysis, the average share price of companies who have jumped on the blockchain bandwagon and visualized the change at least in their name has risen more than threefold since their re-branding. John Oliver joked with the blockchain buzz by changing the name of his show to Last Bit Tonight with Block Chainiver.No wonder that there are hundreds of companies, start-ups, enterprises, ventures experimenting with blockchain technology. Similarly, as in the case of artificial intelligence, there are crazy places where the mechanism behind cryptocurrencies pops up. Just look at how Kodak and Long Island Ice Tea tried to leverage on the blockchain. That is why it is a Sisyphean task to offer a list of companies who are worth remembering when it comes to the blockchain, not to speak about blockchain in healthcare. Moreover, we have no idea how long the blockchain craze will last, which companies will prove themselves long-lasting and successful. Thus, we were cautious when collecting the top blockchain companies in healthcare; and we have to warn every reader that the market landscape might change sooner than we expect.

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