This week, Trinity Health announced that they will soon be testing the capabilities of an initiative that combines home visits by secondary caregivers with the innovative internet capabilities of Google Glass, and the advanced video technologies of swyMed, a provider of video telemedicine technologies.The program will help Trinity Health determine how the technologies might be used to increase access to primary care physicians and advance people-centered care. The clinical simulation of the technologies will take place at the Loyola University Health System in Maywood, Illinois, where the organizations are hoping to create a solution that could potentially help address challenges including future physician shortages predicted by the Association of American Medical Colleges.These innovative technologies have the potential to better leverage the skills and expertise of our physicians and secondary providers such as medical and nursing students in order to increase access to primary care for people in our communities, said Capers Harper, manager, Virtual Medicine, Loyola University Health System. This simulation will bring providers into the home in a real-time interaction with the patient, the in-person caregiver and the virtual medical provider. Our hope is that this combination approach will significantly benefit our patients.

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