The planned update is just the latest move to improve the National Health Services since WannaCry. The U.K. National Health Service signed an agreement with Microsoft to upgrade its legacy computer systems to Windows 10 to improve its cyber resilience after the global WannaCry cyberattack shut down one-third of its health trusts last June.The hope in updating all NHS devices to Windows 10, according to officials, is to improve its cybersecurity posture and improve the health systems ability to respond to attack.After falling victim to WannaCry, NHS staff was locked out of their systems and 20,000 appointments were canceled. Some trusts were offline for a number of weeks. Whats notable was the severity of the impact, as NHS wasnt the initial target of the hackers.WannaCry was able to proliferate due to the health systems failure to patch its legacy systems. While Windows 7 users were hardest hit by WannaCry, users of XP, the system used by NHS, also were vulnerable to attack. The U.K. government ended support of the outdated software in 2015.

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