University of Virginia Health System is notifying 1,882 patients that an unauthorized third party may have been able to view some of their private health information. The University of Virginia Health System is notifying patients of a cyberattack that gave a hacker access to over 1,800 medical records.The FBI discovered that a physician’s devices with the UVA Health System were infected with malware, which allowed the hacker to see what the employee was viewing.”It was malicious software malware – that this operator created and was actually able to infiltrate the devices of those individuals who were victims of his crime,” said Regina Verde with the UVA Health System.Verde explained, “The operator was able to view whatever was on the device of our physician. So we had to use some forensics to determine at which points our physicians was actively online so we could see which patients records might have been viewed,”The UVA Health System says the suspect may have been able to view things like patients names, treatments, addresses and dates of birth.

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