Jawbone Health CEO Hosain Rahman reflects on past mistakes and explains whats next on Recode Decode. Last year, it looked like Jawbone was toast. The mobile technology company which invented wireless phone headsets, Bluetooth speakers and fitness-minded wrist wearables announced in July it was liquidating its assets.But now, with new investors and a fraction of its original staff (about 110 compared to 600 at its former peak), Jawbone has morphed into Jawbone Health, a medical subscription service that aims to help users catch health problems early. Although it will offer a wearable device free to paying subscribers, the new company will be device and sensor agnostic, partnering with other clinical-grade device makers and able to accept data from hardware like the iPhone and the Apple Watch, CEO Hosain Rahman said on the latest episode of Recode Decode.Two-thirds of all deaths today are lifestyle-disease related, which means its just bad living, right? he said. But the reality is, if you catch that stuff early and you change your behavior or whatnot, you can push out half of those deaths and save 70 percent of the cost.The problem is, we have no information, Rahman added. We dont know where we stand. Whats going on with us, right? We have half a million minutes a year in our lives. If youre good, you spend 15 minutes a year with a doctor, maybe four times a year. Thats a very small percentage of the population. So the idea is to give people tools.

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