I often consult with governments and international organizations about the trends in medicine and what measures they should consider bringing their respective communities healthcare into the 21st century. Therefore, I gladly accepted the invitation by the Ministry of Education of the Government of Andorra, a country with 80.000 residents, no rail system, no airports, but 300 days per year of sunshine, on average.Since it doesnt have an airport, it is really difficult to get there (you either have to drive from airports like Barcelona or Toulouse) but the scene makes up for everything. The scene amazed me immediately, however, I still dont get how do those steep mountainside houses exist and how are people bold enough to live there! The whole country is breathtakingly beautiful, a treasure hidden in the mountains which is also a downside: its far from everything.The government organizes a summer university every year where they invite prominent speakers from many industries starting from digital technology until quantum physics to be able to keep abreast of progress. Last year, Jean Todt, French motorsport executive and President of the International Automobile Federation made a spectacular entry by arriving on a private jet on a tiny airport.

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