The enterprise started out as an online seller of books, and then of small gadgets; then expanded into selling all sorts of consumer products as well as services. More recently, the company made its foray into other markets such as tech and healthcare.Just this month, the same company became part of the exclusive “$1 trillion club” after seeing its market valuation top that mark, the second U.S. company to do so.That’s amazing…that’s Amazon!With its massive success, Amazon has garnered a new appreciation from entrepreneurs across the nation. Forbes’ Tom Taulli spoke with several entrepreneurs about what they believe helped Amazon achieve its massive success. Here are four things healthcare leaders can take away from Amazon’s success: 1. Take the big risks. For Matt Cohen, CEO and co-founder of GRAND, one of the biggest reasons behind Amazon’s success is the tenacity of its Founder, Chairman and CEO, Jeff Bezos. Mr. Bezos left his high-paying Wall Street job to take the much bigger risk of starting his own company. “Mr. Bezos is famous for thinking the much bigger risk was to live with the regret of not taking the leap. Great founders are different in that way they have enough confidence in themselves to know the biggest risk is in not swinging the bat,” Cohen says. Often disruptive ideas seem crazy at the outset but are painfully obvious in hindsight, he adds.

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