Mobile, Alabama-based Springhill Medical Center keeps a focus on physician and patient engagement as it works to drive process improvements and stay competitive. Springhill Medical Center, a 250-plus bed hospital based in Mobile, Alabama, exists in a crowded and competitive market. The for-profit, privately-owned hospital operates near nine other groups across two counties managed by five different providers.For that reason, Springhill is always looking for innovative ways to maintain its competitive advantage to provide a good patient experience and to keep its own physicians happy.”Being the only for-profit, we have to be hitting on all 12 cylinders, that’s for sure,” said Springhill Chief Information Officer Mark Kilborn. “We have to be ahead of the game we have to make it easy for physicians to practice here at Springhill, because if they don’t like the way we do things, all they have to do is drive down the street.”During our Focus on Innovation, we interviewed executives at a large academic medical center, in this case Ochsner, to see how the big hospitals approach innovation, mid-size hospitals as well as small and rural providers. Springhill represents just how much a medium-sized hospital can achieve with the right approach.

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