A new report fromResearch2Guidanceon mobile health app developers also found that average development costs have soared over the past few years. With mobile health apps multiplying each year, a popular measure for demonstrating success are downloads. But a new report from Research2Guidance on mobile health app developers shows that the most successful business models for these apps does not necessarily correlate with frequent downloads.Only 11 percent of mobile health app publishers generated more than $1 million in revenues, according to the report. The vast majority, 56 percent, made $10,000 per year or less.For companies raking in more than $1 million in revenues, mobile health app licensing is the preferred business model. These companies, which may also license a dashboard, service or device to clients as well, are also more likely to add on development fees, service sales, and sponsorship fees. Selling medication or devices through an app as part of a transaction business model also tends to be a winner in the revenue department. Device sales is the business model with the highest share of revenue millionaires (23 percent), the report noted.

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