In todays fiercely competitive world, where nontraditional players in healthcare are aiming to disrupt the industry and seize a share of the pie, healthcare executives need to constantly be on the alert and come up with new strategies for engaging patients across the care continuum. Not only is technology constantly evolving, but there has also been a perceptual shift from fee-for-service to value-based care models in an era of growing healthcare consumerism. The strategies for patient engagement are diverse and long-term. Leaders need to widen their patient engagement strategies to encompass not just inpatient settings but also to ensure that there is adequate follow-up after patients are discharged from the hospital and throughout their recovery process. According to CipherHealth and Modern Healthcare Custom Medias recent survey, which examined the patient engagement strategies of 217 healthcare leaders, post-discharge follow up was identified by respondents as the major component accounting for a successful patient engagement programme (83%). Although this is seen as a high priority, only 20% of respondents are satisfied with their current programmes.

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