In Season 8 of the iconic 2000s medical comedy-drama series, Scrubs, Dan Stonewater checks her mother into Sacred Heart Hospital with signs of paranoia. It turns out that Mrs. Stonewater has a hereditary degenerative brain condition, Huntingtons disease. The main character, J.D., who became an attending physician during the seasons, suggested him to take a genetic test to find out whether he also inherited it. After being visibly torn, Dan decided against it. He reasoned that he didnt want to live his life knowing something unavoidable. He said he might have it done in due time but that he just wanted to be free of that burden.A disquieting piece of The New York Times recounts Katharine Mosers story, who against the advice of her mother, takes a genetic test at 23 years old to find out whether she inherited Huntingtons disease from her grandfathers line. After she received the news, she went through stages of grief. Denial as in nothing happened, she is still the same person as she was before. Rage as in why her? Why is she who has to take the burden of this ugly disease with no cure?She even accepted a job at a nursing home in Manhattan, where there is a unit devoted entirely to Huntingtons. She tried to process the news actively: participated in awareness-raising campaigns, events organized by the Huntingtons Disease Society of America, discussed the genetic markers with others at risk for the disease at online forums. After a while, Moser realized the results of the test became a part of her life, and she had been living her days formed by the notion that she has a limited amount of time until signs of the condition will show. But until then, she started to learn how to ride a unicycle.

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