(San Jose, CA; May 1, 2019) — Zoeticx, Inc., the developer of preventive healthcare resource planning software, today announced its launch of the ProVizion Behavioral Health Services (BHS) app that monitors and tracks a patients behavioral health. The app can also be used by hospitals looking at Commission on Accreditation for Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) recognition which documents and enforces CARF requirements to the point of care.The preventative app monitors the healthcare needs of those suffering from addiction, dementia and other behavioral health diseases with reports derived from specific criteria devised by their providers to develop the most effective diagnosis and treatment strategy. These reports also enable healthcare institutions to optimize efficiencies and facilitate patient care planning.Through the apps inherent business intelligence capability, practitioners can identify and manage patients using unlimited descriptions such as symptoms, ethnicity, substances, and any other points of data to create care categories. Reports focus on Care Report Planning, Evidence Based Reporting, Resource Utilization, Healthcare Benefits, Patient Care Progress, Trials and Errors and similar variables that can quickly be compiled and successful treatment plans built based on accurate, identifiable data.Physicians can customize reports to identify at-risk patients, diagnose their care and treatment success with real-time monitoring through popular electronic devices. This will eliminate relying on cumbersome PDFs that require building, storing and updating paper documentation along with paper exchanges between providers.The ProVizion BHS apps patient reporting capability also enables hospitals and clinics to identify patient symptom commonalities and leverage those findings, facilitating patient treatment and avoiding resource-consuming individual patient research. These types of reports can even be used for grant applications.

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