Innovation and Intellectual Property are critical components to stay ahead of competitors in technology-based businesses. Patenting activity is the most reliable indicator of innovation, research direction and technology advancements. The statistics show an all-time high activity of patenting which indicates the pace at which innovation is happening around the world in Healthcare IT (HIT) (i.e. medical innovation). A total of 46 patent documents are identified in this September 2015 invention report for Medical Data Management technologies. The report provides a summary of innovation activity by locating patents and patent publications published/issued in various technology segments of the ‘Medical Data Management’ sector in September this year. The report covers several jurisdictions including the US, Canada, Japan, Korea, China, Europe, Australia, WIPO, EPO, and several other countries. You can download the report, review patent titles, identify their owners, and click associated hyperlinks to redirect to full text of the documents for detailed study.

This report will be useful for you if you are engaged in any sort of inventing activity, innovating activity, technological research in Healthcare IT or medical information management sector, if you are planning to launch a product for HIT management solutions, or are interested in IP protection. The report will be useful in several ways and you should certainly know about them before you download the report. Through this report:

  1. you track latest IP developments in your field of interest on periodic basis
  2. you understand technology themes that are focus of Intellectual Property research
  3. you know if there is any patent by you or your competitor and if you need to be careful about it during your technology launch
  4. you make informed innovation decisions in view of your own IP developments and research

Inventors have to look beyond what they invent as a standalone idea. In the current patent-centric technology industry, they need to look their invention fitted in the broad spectrum of technology spaces. And that is where technology themes are used to understand the broad spectrum so that it is easier for inventors and technologists to easily map their inventions and technologies in the overall space. As evident from the report, there is a major scope for inventors and researchers to direct their research around these topics and themes:

  • Digital computing or data processing equipment or methods, especially adapted healthcare data management
  • Patient record management for processing of medical or biological data for scientific purposes
  • Measuring for diagnostic purposes
  • Healthcare, e.g. hospitals
  • Information retrieval; Database structures therefor

As an example, US patent 9,123,083 is an interesting document that identifies a medical device or a glucose monitoring system which maps on the above identified technology themes. This document identifies technology for remote health monitoring and maintenance between a patient and a healthcare provider. A patient can perform diabetes self care with the invented device that also includes a glucose monitor. You can read more about this device and other technologies identified in the report by downloading the full report here.