MedStar Health, constituting 10 hospitals and 105 outpatient websites is the largest non-profit healthcare system in Washington D.C and Maryland. MedStar also hosts Research Institute and Innovation for the sake of health. It employs 30,000 associates and 6000 doctors who are responsible for giving primary urgent care.

Patients were trusting MedStar health for its services and it was growing very fast. This is the reason they decided to make technical innovations in their infrastructure. They decided to integrate all their websites into a centralized location and make a combined portal so that patients can search for doctors, and make appointments by accessing their portal. Although the portal was developed, it was however not up to the mark as it was very slow and expensive. Apart from this problem, it often crashed and this crashing and slowing issues irritated the customers, resulting in bad reputations.

Every business is very much concerned about the customers because they are the most important asset of their organization. So, their experiment with the portal resulted in abandoning the portal for its performance bottlenecks. MedStar consulted Impact Makers to rescue them from the situation.

Impact Makers opted for AWS products for building a solution for MedStar Health. AWS suite provided them with all the required services under one platform. The portal was hosted in a Virtual private cloud, and was totally a separate isolated section of the cloud. Apart from that, block storage was done using EBS. EC2 instances were used for computing purposes, and for storing and retrieving data, Amazon S3 was used. All the data was secure and encrypted. Users were able to search for their required data about doctors and appointments thanks to the Amazon Cloud Search Tool, which provided MedStar with amazing search capabilities.

There were varieties of other great products they used for building a centralized portal which helped them in accomplishing their purposes. Amazon Elasticache distributed an in-cache environment in the cloud. In order to maintain logs and build metrics, Amzaon CloudWatch was used which enabled them to analyze all the activities and data that was going in and out of their environment. Amazon products are not only scalable, but provide the solution with agility. MedStar used Amazon products in order to optimize performance, security and utilization.

The new solution has helped MedStar with catering all its needs and requirements. Now there are no down and slow times, this is the reason there are no unsatisfied customers and are now able to spend more time on the website and explore more features provided to them. Operational and maintenance cost has been removed to 40 percent per month which is a great achievement. Downtime has been elevated to 5 minutes per month provided that it was 120 minutes before the deployment of the product.

This success has increased the clientage which again has direct relations with the increased profits. Overall, the speed of the system has also increased since the page download time has been decreased from 1500 milliseconds to 120 milliseconds which is again a great success for the company.

MedStar authorities have the perspective that more technology changes can lead to more satisfied customers because technology is safe, secure, fast and inexpensive.  “Running our website on AWS has dramatically improved the user experience,” says Swearingen. “Our bounce rate on the website has gone way down, our time on the page has gone way up, and our most recent numbers show that the number of page views is increasing.” MedStar Health has become one of the satisfied customers of AWS product as Swearingen says “And we now have the foundation for creating mobile, social, and web services that dramatically improve every aspect of the healthcare experience.” This point to their tribute to the services they are provided by AWS products.

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