In the old days, our ancestors relied on the physical hard work to feed their family which kept them healthy and strong. In the modern world however, there is no doubt that technology has brought comfort in our lives but also increased the risk of health issues like obesity.

Obesity is one of the major issues across the globe. It might cause some serious health hazards among every age group like heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, joints problems, …etc. Technology and obesity are interlinked with one another. People are obsessed with the current digital world, and technology is keeping people from conducting  physical activities, eventually causing them health issues like obesity.

People are using technology in the form of smartphones, digital media, video games, and television. According to the World Health Organization, almost 600 million people are obese in the World and 1.6 million youngsters under the age of 18 are overweight. Technology is the biggest factor in increasing obesity among people but at the same time it has brought enormous innovations in order to control obesity in the general public of the world.

However, we cannot blame the technology per se. The misuse of technology is basically the main issue of creating health issues among people. They might not understand their responsibilities; parents for instance keep smartphones or video games in their kids hands rather than taking them to playgrounds and parks. Therefore, we come to the point where we can say that technology has both positive and negative aspects at the same time. So, technology can be utilized for physical activity which can be helpful in controlling obesity.

There are many ways by which technology can be used to prevent obesity in youngsters and older people.

Tips to control obesity

  • There are a number of websites and apps available related to health and lifestyle. There are apps for instance having motion controllers, and YouTube videos that encourage people to exercise with complete facts and figures. Obesity doesn’t victimize those who do proper exercises.
  • There are plenty of sports and health apps available that can be utilized for exercise both in and outdoors and can be very helpful in controlling obesity.
  • People can use health applications through their body movements which enable them to do physical therapy from the comfort of their home.
  • People can also use wearable trackers that can be worn on your wrist, shoe, hips or on other places which enable the tracking of your physical activities and count the number of steps you have made during your day. There are also few apps that are able to check your sleep quality and duration as well.
  • You can also use scales to track your weight and measure the body fat percentage from your mobile app.
  • You can use technology to measure the calories you have burned during your day or in a specific time period, while you are performing healthy activities. So, in return, you will be able to control obesity by taking control of your weight.

If your loved ones are foodies in nature, either addicted to the digital media which always engage them in the digital world rather than performing some healthy activities, or they don’t take proper diet in order to save themselves from their bad eating habits in your absence, you can easily monitor them with the help of tracking or spying devices available in the market.

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