Over the years, the practice of plastic surgery has undergone many evolutions from the days when one had to go under the knife to have a procedure performed. Due to technological advances, it is now possible to modify one’s appearance or physical look through the use of noninvasive surgical procedures.

Presently, it is possible to have a cosmetic procedure carried out without leaving any signs of scarring. Many innovations have completely transformed the industry in ways that were little thought of 10 or 20 years ago. Today, there are various forms of automation and machines that enable the production of unbelievable results with just minor side or negative effects.

Non-invasive Procedures

Some examples of non-invasive plastic surgery techniques include:

  • Use of facial fillers that are commonly used to eliminate wrinkles
  • Application of ultrasound frequencies to contour or curve body fats
  • A popular non-invasive treatment known as Exciis which employs the use of radio frequency to melt fat and tighten skin on the stomach, neck, love handles, eyes, face, legs, hips or any place where there is crinkly and loose skin.
  • Ultherapy that allows the doctor to see where the waves generated by ultrasound hit under the skin. The procedure is popular for treating the neck and face by creating and tightening collagen around the face.
  • CoolSculpting is also another nonsurgical procedure that is almost the same as liposuction. It is effective for liquefying and freezing fat in the cells which are then excreted in the membrane through pores. The dead cells are eliminated from the body when they are picked up by the circulatory system.

One thing that patients need to bear in mind is the fact that the procedures are not without some elements of bruising and discomfort. Renowned cosmetic surgeons like Dr. Mitchell Kim recommend the procedures as a safer option, although he is quick to point out that even the noninvasive treatment methods are still medical procedures, and so patients need to do their homework well when selecting a doctor.

It is also important for them to have expectations that are realistic, and the first necessary step is for one to seek a plastic surgeon who is appropriately trained and board certified.

Preliminary Research

Even though there are numerous technological advances to assist surgeons to do their work properly, a patient would still need to search carefully for the right doctor. When searching online there are reputable websites like RealSelf which contain all the useful and helpful information you might want.

Other methods of surgery made possible by the technological advances are techniques such as the use of laser skin resurfacing variously known as lasabrasion, laser vaporization or laser peel. It allows high precision and offers the doctor a new level of control for laser surfacing for reducing scars, facial wrinkles and blemishes. Doctors are also able to create permanent makeup by coloring the lips and outlining the eyes with an organic pigment that is permanent. There are many technological advances behind cosmetic surgery.

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