Healthcare marketers have always been slow to adapt to marketing trends. In fact, marketing efforts in this highly-regulated sector are reportedly two years behind less risk-averse industries. So, it’s no surprise that digital is a largely unexplored and untapped healthcare marketing channel.

However, in the last few years, many healthcare marketers have started leveraging digital marketing to drive engagement. By employing a personalized and creative approach to marketing, innovative industry pioneers have produced precedent-setting campaigns.

Brands that are new to digital marketing or looking to revamp their marketing techniques can learn a great deal from these industry trailblazers. To inspire your next healthcare marketing campaign, here are three of the most engaging and inventive B2B campaigns to face the industry.

Reimagining Healthcare Analytics by Optum: A Multichannel Reinvention Campaign

A provider of advanced health system solutions, Optum was aware of the challenges associated with effectively marketing B2B healthcare offerings. However, the young brand, which was established in 2011, has already positioned itself as a market leader through its innovative content marketing strategy.

In 2015, Optum launched Reimagining Healthcare Analytics, its most notable and comprehensive campaign to date. The informative, multi-channel content campaign sought reach target audiences by presenting healthcare analytics in a new light. Through extensive buyer persona research, the team developed relevant and enticing content.

Optum began its revolutionary campaign with the release of its eBook, Moneyball Analytics. Presented in a format virtually untapped by organizations in the industry, the eBook provided a unique outlook on the power of analytics in healthcare. The brand then “reimagined” the eBook content into a series of digestible and relatable formats such as infographics, videos, white papers, articles, podcasts, emails, and blog posts.

Within 18 months, the Optum team created 1,000 different pieces of content that were downloaded 8,500 times via gated contact forms. The campaign attracted a remarkable nine million impressions, surpassing result projections by a whopping 250%, and won MarketingSherpa’s Summit 2016 “Best in Show” award.

In 2017, Optum has continued its digital marketing efforts and released an integrated campaign called How Well Gets Done. The campaign effectively builds brand awareness among health system buyers via high quality content, such as case studies, blog posts, videos, and a dedicated landing page. To further develop its repository of storytelling-focused content, Optum formed several media partnerships. Day Zero, a documentary film about liver transplants, is the result of a media partnership with Bloomberg Media. A unique and daring approach, the compelling, human narrative effectively conveys the benefits of enhancing healthcare for transplant patients.

The Pulsara Blog by Pulsara: A Continuous Stream of Useful Content

The next example of outstanding B2B healthcare marketing comes from Pulsara, a provider of software solutions that allow real-time communication between paramedics and hospital staff to ensure timely treatment of patients in critical condition.

Explaining the benefits of a healthcare telecommunication software is not easy. That’s why, in 2014, Pulsara decided to educate its audience with meaningful, useful, and easy-to-grasp content by launching an informative brand blog. Through thoughtful and reader-friendly blog posts, Pulsara helps emergency healthcare service provider discover relevant and useful information that effortlessly explores the practical applications of its solutions.

Pulsara is continuing its digital approach to healthcare marketing with innovative blog series, such as The Internet of Lifesaving People, a play on The Internet of Things. Using a widely-known and “viral” phenomenon, the series aims to connect healthcare professionals online and create a better network that helps their work.

Cardiovascular Information Systems by Lumedx: A Series of Informative Webinars

Lumedx is a provider of cardiovascular information systems that assist healthcare providers in a variety of areas. While Lumedx is a rather small company, its powerful technology and innovative approach to marketing have positioned it as an industry leader.

Lumedx has taken an unconventional approach to healthcare marketing by employing an inventive webinar format to reach its highly specific audience. Featuring insights and experiences from cardiologists and other industry experts, the series discusses topics that inform and pertain to cardiovascular healthcare providers.

The Lumedx team effectively increases its brand visibility and generates high quality leads by complementing the series with a comprehensive content and social media strategy. Following each webinar, the brand consistently publishes in-depth, data-rich blog posts on each topic. The brand also creates explanatory videos, where healthcare professionals discuss cardiovascular information systems, as well as other important themes, for its YouTube channel.

Lumedx’s inspirational campaigns have proven to be extremely successful. They’ve contributed to significantly improved engagement—resulting in hundreds of leads and nearly $600,000 in yearly sales.

Innovate Your Healthcare Marketing Campaign Today

As these enlightening examples illustrate, B2B healthcare marketing has drastically improved in recent years. Brands are employing bold campaigns that speak to both people’s reason and emotions to bridge the gap between traditional healthcare marketing and modern digital times. Using a multichannel approach and a variety of formats, these innovative campaigns have effectively increased brand awareness and educated and engaged target audiences.

These 3 campaigns have modernized the healthcare marketing realm and serve as an inspiration to marketers and industries worldwide. Now that you’ve been sufficiently inspired – get innovating!

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