Healthcare content marketing is a little trickier than marketing content for other industries. Trends and fads don’t necessarily apply to healthcare, and it’s difficult to tie your content to pop culture. This doesn’t mean it’s impossible to successfully market your content – it just means you’ll need to try out a few different approaches to see which ones successfully expand your audience.

1. Play Off the News

Healthcare and healthcare related issues often make the news. By writing or creating content relevant to trending healthcare news stories, you’re fulfilling your audience’s desire to learn. Solutions to major healthcare problems or explanations of complicated subjects that have recently risen in the news are very valuable – even to people who may not have otherwise been interested in your content. Lead with your educational foot, and stay current.

2. Add New Levels of Interest

Healthcare involves a lot of facts, figures, and statistics. This information is valuable, but it isn’t something that the average reader or viewer is very concerned with. Make the technical stuff available on a separate part of your website that people can view if they wish to. Speaking outside of the specifics make it easier for the average participant to become engaged with your content.

3. Create a Freebie

People love anything they can get for free. If you have ads or sponsors, it may be worthwhile to create a physical health or wellness magazine that you can offer for free. People are likely to pick it up and browse the pages. Having a physical representation of your company will help people build a stronger association with the brand. You’re more likely to pop into the minds of the public when they have healthcare needs.

4. Create an FAQ

What questions do you constantly get asked? Creating and sharing an FAQ serves two great purposes: you won’t have to answer redundant questions as often, and people are more likely to find your content through organic search. If the questions you’re commonly asked are commonly searched on Google, you’re going to boost your visibility. You’ll be able to draw in and retain readers who might become long term customers simply by informing them.

5. Try Video Content

The attention span of the average internet user is declining. Most people are visual learners, and they want something that’s quick to digest. Since healthcare isn’t always a scintillating subject, translating your content to a video format will make people more inclined to hear you out. Using great visuals and production value will keep people watching. If you’d rather create a text and audio based video instead of filming a member of your team talking, it’s easy to hire someone on Gumtree to create a video for you.

6. Would an Infographic Work Better?

If the entire purpose of your piece of content is to explain something (or a series of things that fit under one umbrella), writing an article might not actually be that useful. Instead, create an infographic. People will be able to see and understand all of the information without digging for it, and if they find it helpful, they’ll feel more inclined to share that infographic with others.

7. Measure Your Results

No matter what you’re marketing or how you’re marketing it, you need to have a plan in place to determine how effective your marketing campaign actually is. Many companies, in healthcare as well as other sectors, have a tendency to churn out content and hope for the best. Measure your shares and your reach, as well as how many conversions you get and from what channels those conversions came. Even if your marketing campaign doesn’t work out perfectly, you’re on your way to being prepared next time.

As long as the content you’re providing is useful and easy to understand, it shouldn’t be especially difficult to market it to your healthcare customers. Just make sure you’re providing value and sending the right content down the right avenues.

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