A lot of people baulk at the idea of going to the dermatologist because they believe that it will cost too much. However, healthy skin is just as important to your overall well-being as any other part of your body. It is much better to look at it from the perspective of whether or not you need the help. If your skin is in such a poor condition that you are considering going to the dermatologist, it makes sense to book an appointment.

And you will also be happy to know that the dermatologist appointment cost is a lot lower than most of us anticipate. It should not cost you more than a couple of hundred dollars maximum to see a dermatologist one time and that is when you do not have insurance. If you have a solid insurance policy, either through your job or via your family, the cost is even less. If you wish to enquire about the cost on your insurance plan, it is best to use the provider’s website to get further information. Then you will know exactly how much you need to pay out of pocket.

Reasons to See a Dermatologist

Now that you are aware of the relatively low cost associated with going to the dermatologist, we can talk about the benefits of these appointments. If you are suffering from breakouts, or you are seeing some unusual rash on your skin, a dermatologist is the best person to assist you in identifying what is wrong. There are also cases where your regular doctor may recommend that you see a dermatologist for a second opinion about a potential skin condition.


When we think of acne, we typically think of teenagers who have one too many pimples. However, acne is not something that only impacts teenagers who are going through puberty. It is also a very real issue when you are older – and it is a problem that only a dermatologist can help you solve. If you have already tried over the counter acne creams and soaps, your best bet is to book an appointment today. Your dermatologist is in the best position to examine your skin and recommend a course of action to resolve your acne issues. You will be surprised at how much they can help you, and how quickly they can tell what your issue stems from.

Skin Cancer

Dermatologists are also very important when dealing with the possibility of having skin cancer. Sometimes you may notice a mole or some spots on your skin that were not there before. If these spots clear up in a few days, you are okay as it was probably just a natural occurrence. But if they are persisting and growing larger or changing color, you should book an appointment. A dermatologist can run the necessary tests to rule out skin cancer and determine what is causing the moles or spots. Never take the possibility of skin cancer lightly as seeing a dermatologist could save your life!

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