Over the last few decades, the field of dentistry among other medical disciplines (such as plastic surgery or medical education industry) has experienced a surge of technological advancements. It has not only made the work of dentists easier but visits to the dentist have become less worrisome. The dentistry technologies aim to make a visit to the dentist comfortable and painless while your oral health problems are addressed in full. With the many technologies utilized by renowned dental clinics like Bajars & Bajars to offer first class services to their patients, below are some of the most popular ones:

Laser Dentistry

It involves the use of laser beams for treatment and speeding up the dental treatment processes. It can help to treat or reduce the size of oral tumors and kill bacteria. Procedures that involve the use of laser beams are painless and require little time to conclude. Some other procedures that laser dentistry can be used for include teeth whitening and reducing sensitivity in teeth.

Dental Implants

It basically involves introducing an artificial tooth where it is missing. The artificial tooth is known as an implant and it is introduced to help you achieve a complete dental formula. It helps to regain your confidence, smile, and ability to feel good about yourself. Also, you will be able to eat your favorite foods, which would not have been possible before the dental implants.

Zoom Whitening

It is an in-office bleaching procedure that utilizes Zoom hydrogen peroxide gel to help with the bleaching process. The gel is applied to the discolored teeth and allowed to react with the stains and discoloration for about 15 minutes. The procedure is repeated three times to make your teeth white. It helps to restore your smile by up to 8 shades whiter.

Digital X-Rays

This technology makes it easy for the dentist to capture oral images on the go. When you compare with the traditional x-rays, the former offers less exposure to radiation and which makes it safer. Also, the digital image of your oral inner structure is displayed on the computer screen where the dentist can zoom and assess your oral health.


It is a device which can help to detect cavities at an early stage. It utilizes the laser and sound pulse to detect cavities which are undetectable by x-rays. As such, you will be able to start treatment for your teeth cavities at an early stage before the condition progresses further.


They are a better version of braces on your teeth. They are used to straighten your teeth alignment. Unlike the traditional braces, Invisalign are transparent and almost invisible when you wear them. Also, your teeth won’t get damaged when you remove the devices to clean them. They are lighter than the traditional braces and straighten your teeth within a shorter period of time.

The Wand

It is a modern way of injecting an anesthetic in the case of dental surgical procedures. Before The Wand, injections would be done using a syringe and a needle, which would normally be very painful. The Wand allows the delivery of the painkiller to be slow and gentle, causing no pain to the patient.

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