If you are the kind of person who often exercises, plays sports or goes to the gym regularly, you already got all the motivation that you need. And if you don’t fall into that category, you should definitely think about the benefits of being an active person.

The problem that we, as a society, have in the fitness world today, is mainly the fact that there are too many people around who do not understand what it means to be able to teach other people about taking care of their bodies. In this article, we’ll talk about unqualified fitness professionals and their influence in the fitness world.

Can Anyone Be a Fitness Professional?

If you’re thinking that anyone who manages to get fit and to work out on a regular basis, is able to call themselves a fitness professional, a coach or a personal trainer, then you have it all wrong. Unfortunately, there are so many people in today’s world that compete in fitness events, or in marathons, or people who spent a lot of time in the gym and think they know all about the human body and how it works. Nobody says that there’s something wrong with the activity that these people have; actually we should all encourage more people to be like them and train like them. The issue comes when these unqualified trainers think that they are qualified enough to help other people.

Weight Loss Experts

This part right here, is where we have an even bigger issue. There are a lot of people in this world who suffer from body image problems; a lot of boys and girls who want to lose or to gain weight. Some people manage to do so, to lose or to gain weight, all on their own. That’s amazing for sure, and they should all be respected and admired for that. The problem comes when these people, post their transformation, start giving advice to other people about what they should eat and how should they train.

When it comes to your own health, you should never take major decisions, like changing your whole lifestyle, based on articles or people who you’ve communicated with on social media. Not even your own friends are capable to give you that kind of advice, because everybody needs to understand that each of our bodies is different and should be taken care of in a certain way. Many times, you’ll hear very simple and one-dimensional advice like “just cut all carbs” which might not always work. That’s why there are doctors and diet and exercise professionals who can tell you exactly what to do if you want a change.

The Influence of Social Media

How did it all started? How come people have become so motivated to do major health changes without consulting doctors or real fitness professionals first? The answer is very much obvious: social media. It’s easy to look like a professional on social media. You definitely know at least one person on Instagram who constantly posts about their fitness journey, their transformation, their meals and their workout. Influencers on Instagram don’t always work in your best interest. Sometimes, all they want to do is to sell their own products, selling your false hope at the same time.

The Value of a Real Professional

Our bodies are the most complex things on this entire planet. We study the human body for centuries now and there’s still a ton of things that we have no clue about. And considering the fact that it is so complex, taking care of it, changing it or improving it, is definitely not easier.

There are people out there who actually train, learn, take courses and go to specialized schools in order to be able to give you fitness advice. These people have a good understanding of how the human body works and how it reacts to certain movements, certain exercises, workout routines or even certain types of food. These are the people who can add value to your fitness activities, and your overall lifestyle.

And if you are one of the people who tend to get involved in other people’s fitness activity and offer advice without being qualified for it, it’s never too late to think about getting an exercise referral qualification, and maybe even make a living out of your passion.

The problem with modern fitness professionals is definitely not their ambition, their willing to help others or to share their stories. It’s the fact that they don’t understand that they are not professionally prepared in order to do so. After a transformation, a person can definitely become passionate about fitness and about helping others, but they should always consider getting a real qualification first and foremost.

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