Technology is a massive part of all our lives. Ever changing trends and constant progress will only make this more so in the future. We already see this in our working lives with video conferences and Cloud-based tech. Our personal lives are increasingly tech dependent with AI and social media playing huge roles in how we now live.

Of course, the healthcare sector has also been greatly affected by more advanced technology over recent years. Whether it is electronic records for patients or more sophisticated machines, like corneal topography machines, to help perform surgery, healthcare has really benefited from modern technology. One area where this is certainly true is in the field of optometry.

How is modern tech helping to improve eyesight?

 Being able to harness cutting-edge technology to help correct defective vision is crucial. As more and more people need this kind of healthcare globally, it is very important that we have ways to effectively deal with it by using 21st Century technology.

Here are some of the most innovative ways of correcting eyesight that have been developed in recent times.

  • LASIK eye surgery – laser eye surgery has been a real game-changer in the eye care field. Perhaps the best known form of laser surgery that is very popular is LASIK surgery. This involves a high-powered laser beam being used in a minimally invasive procedure to reshape the cornea. When complete by a pro lasik surgeon, it gives a permanent result which restores the patient’s vision to a much better level than before. Lots of people globally have relied on this method as it is safe, quick and comparatively inexpensive.
  • Wavefront analysis – this cutting-edge technology is actually used to diagnose potential eye care issues in patients. The advanced wavefront analysis procedure creates a detailed map of your eye which can then be studied by expert physicians. The main thing that is inspected is how light is focused within the eye. When the analysis has been reviewed, it can lead to early diagnosis of potentially serious eye problems.
  • Diode laser treatment – another laser type method that is very useful is Diode laser treatment. The retina plays a key function in your eye and any damage could lead to blindness. This treatment uses a specially designed laser to help repair retinal tearing and retinal detachment. The procedure involves retinal scarring being created which is then bonded to the underlying tissues for a rejuvenating effect.
  • Fundus cameras – another way that technology has helped improve eye care is the development of this special sort of camera. A Fundus camera works by taking a real-time picture of the eye to allow for detailed monitoring of its condition. This is particularly useful for keeping a check on diseases like diabetes and tracking their progress.

Technology has helped improve eye care

As the above shows, tech has really helped eye care and vision correction to progress rapidly in recent years. From different types of laser eye surgery to various ways of diagnosing eye disease, eye care is a lot different now. This is great news for you if you have impaired vision and are looking for ways to get your eyesight back to an acceptable level.

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