Healthcare is an important part of a person’s life. However, scammers take advantage of this fact and do fraudulent activities with health care. Senior citizens are more likely to be targets by these healthcare frauds, since they can’t read the fine print as well as they used to. Due to the fact that senior citizens require more medication and treatment than other age groups, fraudulent companies will do everything in their power to get them signed up under their health care plans.

However, senior citizens aren’t the only targets. When this kind of situation happens, you need to sense it as early as possible to protect your own interests.

Here are five signs that you’re a victim of healthcare fraud:

1. Scammers fake the signatures or bribe corrupt medical providers to sign the Medicare form.

Senior citizens are regularly victimized with Medicare fraud situations. In most cases, medical equipment vendors will offer free products in exchange for any information about your Medicare. Since doctors need to confirm that the equipment or procedure is necessary before Medicare covers it, scammers will fake the signatures or bribe providers to sign the Medicare form. Once they have the signature, they will right away charge the Medicare for a service or product that wasn’t requested.

To keep you safe from these providers, get familiar with the Medicare false claims act and beware of some door-to-door vendors who offer free medical services or products. Make sure you don’t sign a blank insurance claim form.

2. You’re getting billed for products that aren’t carried out

This is commonly known as the medical equipment scam. Medical equipment suppliers, for instance, will contact and advertise their products for free but only to find out that they will bill your insurance company under your name for products or services that were not executed in the first place. To make sure you’ll not become a victim of this fraudulent act, perform a phone number search once the conversation is done to know if they are legitimate suppliers or not.

3. You’re getting billed for services that weren’t performed

Without your knowledge and consent, providers of health care might bill your insurer for the services they didn’t even perform. To avoid dealing with this situation, find time to check your mailings with regards to your medical insurance explanation of benefits coverage. If you’ve noticed some discrepancies, contact your insurer and inform them about any services you haven’t undergone. Be sure to keep the documentation of all your medical appointments intact and safe.

4. Medical providers giving unnecessary or illegitimate tests at fitness facilities and other venues

This is also known as rolling lab scheme. You’re given with unnecessary tests at malls and some assisted living and fitness facilities and other venues. Then they will charge your insurance company for the tests conducted. To prevent this scheme from victimizing you, use a list of experienced medical providers who conduct general medical procedures and testing. Don’t forget to inquire to your provider about any procedures and testing that they provide and make sure they perform them at authorized and trusted medical clinics or hospitals.

5. Other signs of Healthcare fraud

When it comes to your healthcare needs, it’s always essential to proceed with utmost caution. Below are some other signs of healthcare fraud that you should be aware of:

  • Evidence of inadequate care – Your health insurance should provide the proper care whenever you need it. However, if you don’t get the right healthcare, fraud is something that you should think as a cause. Most of scammers target the elderly because they are too weak to complain or fight back.
  • Duplicate billing for the same medical service – You should only get a bill once for medication or some other type of medical assistance. But if you receive a duplicate billing, it can be an indication of fraud.
  • Waiving deductibles – Waiving deductibles from your medical provider can be a red flag. If this happens, you may become a healthcare fraud victim.
  • Waiving copayments – Likewise, you should be wary of some healthcare providers that waive co-payments. It can be something that indicates fraud.

Protection from Healthcare Fraud

Nowadays, it’s paramount to look out for your own well-being. Thus, make sure you educate yourself as to how you can spot healthcare fraud easily. Be proactive so you can avoid becoming a victim of scams. Not only should you check your medical bills as well as explanation of benefits provided in your insurance policy but you should also look for ways whereby you can reduce the possibility of fraud.

One method of protecting yourself against healthcare fraud is to find a trusted medical provider that uses fingerprinting in accessing their services. That way, you can keep yourself safe from the schemes and machinations of some scammers in the medical industry.


By keeping these signs in mind, you can address or avoid scams that may affect your well-being in the long run. Becoming familiar with the information mentioned in this article will allow you to report suspected fraud committed by scammers. If you think you’ve been a victim of healthcare fraud, contact a legal professional to understand your legal options.

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