There is one clear ruler in the land of healthcare websites, and this is Magento. Since this open source ecommerce web application launched in 2008, it has gone from strength to strength. It is one of the most popular platforms and is utilized by a whole host of leading companies.

Read on to discover what some of the top features of Magento are that have made it such a popular solution for so many…

Product Browsing Features

First and foremost, let’s delve into the product browsing features. These have proved to be extremely beneficial because they give the user a much better experience. Magento allows individuals to take advantage of zoom-in options and they have the capacity to upload multiple images per product as well. This is effective because the consumer has a better idea of the product they could potentially be buying.

Another popular option is to display related products on the screen when an individual is having a look at a particular product. This is a great promotional tool because it is detecting items they think the user in question will like because of the one they are currently viewing. This could lead them to making a purchase they otherwise would not have done.

Mobile Commerce

The fact that Magento offers mobile commerce is extremely important. This essentially allows you to optimize your website for viewing on a smartphone. The imperativeness of this is something that cannot be stressed enough. After all, mobile internet use is on the rise at present and is now our primary tool for internet utilization. With more and more people using their smartphone to shop online this is something you need to capitalize on sooner rather than later.

Marketing and Promotional Tools

You can have the most beautiful e-commerce store in the world but if you are not marketing it effectively it is not going to reap maximum results. Luckily, Magento gives you the perfect platform to excel thanks to the wealth of marketing and promotional tools they have available. SEO is integrated into the system, with a prime example being the fact that you can re-write URLs. This gives you the perfect opportunity to feature high up on search engine result pages.

In addition to this, you can implement Google ads automation and Magento also allows you to bundle products together and offer them at a discount rate. Another popular feature is the use of a landing page. This works specifically well when you have been running a certain campaign. Aside from this, you have catalog promotional pricing and customer group-specific pricing features.

Catalog Browsing Features

Last but not least, the final features that are going to be touched upon are those that relate to catalog browsing. This enhances user experience dramatically. Customers can go back to their recently viewed items if they have been mulling over a product or accidentally clicked off the page.

Grouped products view is another feature worth mentioning. This is a great tool that allows users to compare one product against another. And finally, Magento presents you with the opportunity to use layered navigation in order to filter products both in categories and search results as well. This is necessary for better consumer browsing and ease of finding the product they are looking for.

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