The benefits of a facial far outweigh the cost so if that’s what’s been holding you back, then you need to keep reading. This why you need a facial today!

According to Statista, 7.08 million adults had at least one facial in a six month period during 2018. And 2.2 million Americans had a facial 4 times in the same period.

That is a lot of facials going! If you are not a part of these numbers you are missing out.

Because guess what. The popularity of facials is not hype. In fact, there are a number of key benefits of a facial. Some of which extend beyond good skincare, and others which have a long-term impact on your skin’s condition.

This means that not only will facials give you a dewy glow and make your skin look and feel amazing – but they can also be used to treat skin problems and prevent future issues such as (spoiler alert) premature signs of aging. There are many types of facial treatments such as anti-aging, restorative facial, etc.
Therefore, it is important to consult the clinicians of Arte Cuerpo who will help you to choose the one that is best for your skin.

Are you eager to find out what these specific facial benefits are so that you can take advantage of them? Then read on!

Your Skin Gets a Deep Cleanse

There are many reasons why facials are important for your skin. But the big purpose of a facial is to deep clean your skin. When you get a facial, the aesthetician will deep clean your pores by cleansing your face and neck and then applying steam.

The steam will open up your pores, increase circulation and cause your skin to perspire. It will also soften and loosen dead skin cells and hardened sebum that may be blocking your pores. This (combined with extractions) will result in a deep clean unlike what your skin gets at home.

A New Layer of Bright Skin Will be Revealed (a.k.a. That Dewy Glow)

After your skin has been cleaned and steamed the next standard step is exfoliation. This can be done using either a mechanical method or a chemical method. If you are getting a peel done, this is usually the time it will happen.

Whether your treatment contains mechanical exfoliation, chemical exfoliation or a peel, all of these processes will act to slough off dead skin cells. Revealing a fresh layer of skin underneath.

Your Skin Will Feel Soft and Smooth

The new layer of skin that is revealed by exfoliation from underneath the dead skin cells will feel soft and look bright, glowing, and smooth.

Most of the time when one’s skin feels rough and uneven and looks dull, this is simply a result of a build-up of dead skin cells. Remove these and your fresh, new healthy skin will be revealed.

Not only will you look glowing, and have super soft skin, but products will also literally glide onto your skin, resulting in a smooth and perfect finish.

You Skin Will Enjoy Anti-Aging Effects

Did you know that having regular facials can fight premature aging? Here are some of the ways in which facial treatments keep your skin young and healthy:

  • Facial massage: Increases collagen production resulting in tighter more elastic skin and fewer wrinkles.
  • Topical pharmacological agents: These agents work on the skin to promote cell regeneration and collagen production.
  • Peels: Removes old skin layers on the surface, and can fight fine lines and wrinkles.

If anti-aging effects are what you specifically want from facial treatment, then one of the most effective types to try is the new vampire facial. These facials treatments involve platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections and are considered to be one of the most effective anti-aging treatments that are available.

Your Skin Will be Tighter

Not only will facials make your skin soft and bright, but they can also make your skin look and feel tighter.

According to research, the cell regulators found in botanicals as well as polypeptides, and vitamin A and its derivatives are proven to increase collagen your skin. Collagen gives skin its elasticity. These types of products are often used during facials.

So if you dread sagging skin, booking a regular facial is a great way to prevent the early signs of this.

Facials Relieve Stress

Facials are often touted for their therapeutic relaxing effects. And it is not just because you are treating yourself that you feel good. While ‘me-time’ may help one to de-stress, a published study has scientifically shown that the facial massage used in facials is highly relaxing.

Blackhead, Whitehead, and Pimples Can Be Extracted Safely

After cleansing and exfoliation, aestheticians will often do an extraction if it is necessary. While this is pretty similar to the regular ol’ pimple popping one may do at home, it is a lot safer.

Trained aestheticians know how to extract the root of spots. They also use sterilized tools. This means that they do not leave infection or impurities behind, and there is no risk of re-infection like there is when you attack a zit with dirty fingernails.

Facials Provide Protection Against Breakouts

A massive perk to having extractions done during facial treatments is that this can help to prevent future breakouts. Hallelujah!

This is because, after deep cleaning and professional extraction, your skin will have fewer clogged pores and danger spots where breakouts could potentially happen.

Some of the products that aestheticians use are also effective at preventing acne. For example, research has shown that salicylic acid peels can effectively help to prevent and treat acne as well as the scarring it can cause.

Bags Begone

Facials not only have the power to leave a dewy glow. They can also fight undereye bags and dark circles. This is because facial massage causes increased blood circulation and drainage of the lymphatic system, both of which can assist to reduce the appearance of dark circles.

Aestheticians will also often apply specific products that are targetted to the thin skin around the eyes and its needs. This will further help to brighten up your eye area.

Your Skin Will Be Better Able to Absorb Products

Another great benefit of facials is that they increase your skin’s absorbency. Which means that any serums you apply will be absorbed in a higher rate.

If you have a buildup of dead skin cells on your face, this will make it more difficult for serums and active ingredients to penetrate your skin. On the other hand, once that is removed, your skin care routine will instantly become more effective!

Did You Know That the Benefits of a Facial Were So Many?

If you weren’t aware of all these benefits of a facial, you are probably itching to book one by this point. If you do you will enjoy squeaky clean, soft skin that sports a dewy glow, along with the reduced potential of breakouts.

Besides these instant benefits, facials are also one of the ways that you can defy early signs of aging. What is not to like?

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