The world today is improving by the minute due to advancements in technology. While there are some criticisms against technology, it also cannot be denied that the benefits are numerous. Lives are changing for the better due to technology, and this is made possible with the advent of more advanced health testing methods. Read below to learn more about how technology is improving the health industry today, and what the latest trends in the clinical sector are.

Highly automated health testing has become the norm.

Years back, it was difficult to determine if a patient had a particular disease because of the lack of testing means. If there were any, these would also take so much time for a single test to complete. With numerous patients, you could expect to wait at least a couple of weeks to a month before you can even have a result.

At present, such is no longer the case, as health testing is already highly automated in all its stages. For example:

  • The preanalytic step of choosing what test is best, placing the order, and even the collection and transportation of specimens are highly automated
  • The analytic stage of testing, which is the actual reading of the results through a machine
  • The post-analytic stage, which involves the forwarding of the results to the hospital or the doctor concerned

This alone gives you more convenience, as you will not have to wait too long for a result to come out, and you can also have treatment at the earliest opportune time possible.

Patient-focused technologies are also on the rise.

With advancements in technology, it is now also possible to have patient-focused technologies. Hence, technology has made it possible to have a more personal approach towards healthcare by giving each patient answers to their individual health needs. Most of these technologies are also those that these patients can monitor or do by themselves at home, which lessens the need to have to go to the hospital as often to have a monitor test done.

For example, there are health tracking devices that you can attach to your body, or connect with your smartphone, for you to easily monitor your day-to-day health statistics. The results of this health testing are often helpful when you make a visit to your physician and have to make a report as to the current trends in your health statistics.

Trends in information technology are affecting laboratory services positively.

Information technology is affecting the means of computer communication nowadays. The methods of communicating and providing services are now faster and easier because of technology. For example, the same positively affects the following areas of laboratory services:

  • The training and education of medical laboratory staff
  • The marketing and use of the services and testing methods provided by the medical laboratory
  • The data management of the medical laboratory centers

For example, in the first bullet, because of advancements in technology, it is now easier for health testing centers to train and educate their staff as to the techniques in medical testing. Apart from the certified operators or medical technologists, there are some aspects of health testing that no longer need the specialized education taken by most, as your job will only be towards the operation of computers, leaving the reading of results to the medical technologists themselves. There is less room for error through these automated means, as the machine mostly does all the work for you.

Gadgets in health testing are now also easier to use.

If you are diagnosed with diseases that need care and continuous maintenance at home, you will have to make yourself well-versed with the tools and equipment that are required to monitor your daily health meters. Examples of these common tools are blood pressure monitors, glucometers, and even the basic thermometer. With advancements in technology, these health testing equipment are now easier to use and can be used by anyone who would like to do so.

For example, many years back, the only thermometers available in the market are the mercury-type thermometers. When this was no longer considered as safe for use, digital thermometers came into play, which is also easier and faster to use. The same holds true for more advanced blood pressure monitors, where they are now digitally operated as well.


Over the years, digital and technological advancements have made it possible to improve the health industry better. All the health testing means of today is owed to the science behind technological trends. All thanks to these, individuals now enjoy better means to take care of themselves through precautionary health measures, like a laboratory or medical test.




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